The Smart Technology Hub Milestones



DHL Supply Chain (Finland) Oy will operate the new Logistics Centre of Wärtsilä. The Logistics Centre will be part of Wärtsilä’s Smart Technology Hub. After the Logistics Centre is finished, DHL Supply Chain will implement the indoor infrastructure in cooperation with Wärtsilä, utilizing latest logistics technologies and automation solutions, and run the future operations of the centre.

DHL appointed to Wärtsilä’s partner for the new Logistics Centre

Logistic Center Wärtsilä rajattu


Another significant milestone is reached in the Smart Technology Hub program, as the environmental permit issued to Wärtsilä Finland by the Regional State Administrative Agencies becomes final.

Smart Technology Hub’s environmental permit becomes final



In the STH Technology Partners concept, carefully selected partners bring benchmark technology in their own fields of expertise to the Hub. The first partners to be signed as Smart Technology Hub technology partners are Konecranes and Citec. In addition, Konecranes will deliver lifting products to the Hub. Read more about the technology partners in Konecrane´s and Citec´s press releases. ​​

The first technology partners are published



Two years has passed since the launch of the Smart Technology Hub and the construction work in Vaskiluoto is still on schedule. Learn more about the growing ecosystem of co-creation around the Hub by watching the animation.

Two years since the launch of the Smart Technology Hub


YIT will build a Logistics Centre next to the Smart Technology Hub. The Logistics Centre will cover an area of approximately 14,500 m2, and its volume will be 250,000 m3. The construction work begins in June 2020 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2021.

YIT will build a Logistics Centre for Wärtsilä

Logistic Center Wärtsilä rajattu


Wärtsilä Finland Oy announces on 10 March 2020 that it will sell the engine block machining and related operations in Delivery Centre Vaasa to Oy Leinolat Ab and the machine tool maintenance to Konecranes Finland Oy as a business transfer. The business transfer will further strengthen Wärtsilä’s position as a technology company and prepare for the activities taking place in the Smart Technology Hub that will be completed in 2021 in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa. At the same time, Leinolat Group and Konecranes will join Wärtsilä’s partner network.

Wärtsilä strengthens the ecosystem built around the Smart Technology Hub



As the project planning proceeds, more contractors are appointed to carry out building technology work for the Smart Technology Hub. These new contractors are:

Piping and sprinkler: Caverion Suomi Oy
Electricity and air conditioning: Bravida Finland Oy

More building technology contractors appointed



The installation of the Hub building’s roof and wall elements starts in January 2020. All of the construction material comes from domestic companies. The installation will be finished by the beginning of autumn 2020.

Installation of roof and wall elements starts



With weekly calls, WALLENIUS SOL connects Vaasa with the Belgian ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge. The Smart Technology Hub will be located in direct connection with the Port of Vaasa from 2021 onwards. All inbound deliveries from Central Europe to Vaasa will be routed via a consolidation point in Antwerp with the weekly shipping offered by WALLENIUS SOL. Furthermore, WALLENIUS SOL will ship the ready-made engines southbound from Wärtsilä in Vaasa to its customers worldwide, also with Antwerp as a hub.

Wärtsilä’s and WALLENIUS SOL’s cooperation connects the Port of Vaasa to the Continental Europe as the liner service between Vaasa and Antwerp starts operating



The first Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge (STHEC) is held on 12-13 November 2019 at Wasa Innovation Center in Vaasa. In the two-day innovation challenge, students from universities and universities of applied sciences have the chance to prove their abilities in solving different real-life challenges provided by Wärtsilä and its partners: the City of Vaasa, Vaasan Sähkö, University of Vaasa and Danfoss.

Watch a video of the event.


The Hub building is supported by several columns. The first one of these is erected on 12 November 2019. Altogether 20 main columns will be erected in two parts. Each column is 29m high and weighs 27,000kg. In addition, 48 smaller main columns will be erected in two parts. These columns are 23.5m high and weigh 24,000kg. The columns are manufactured by Ruukki Building Systems.

Watch the whole video.

First main columns are erected


A concrete step for the building of the Smart Technology Hub was made on 10 September 2019 when the Groundbreaking Ceremony took place in Vaskiluoto. Over 120 guests were gathered to witness the foundation stone-laying. During the ceremony, speeches were held by Jaakko Eskola, President and CEO of Wärtsilä, Ilona Lundström, Director General at Ministry of Economic affairs and Employment in Finland, Tomas Häyry, Mayor of Vaasa, and Hannu Isotalo, Chairman of the board of Luja Group.

Watch a video of the event.


The zoning process for the building lot containing the logistics area is started. The logistics area would be situated next to the Smart Technology Hub in Vaskiluoto.

The zoning process for the logistics area is started



The project has progressed from planning phase to implementation as the construction of the new research, development and production centre begins. During the spring, some preparatory infrastructure work has already been carried out in Vaskiluoto.

Construction in Vaskiluoto begins



Wärtsilä chooses Lujatalo on 2 July 2019 as the main contractor for the construction of the Smart Technology Hub. Lujatalo´s regional unit in Ostrobothnia is responsible for the construction, which will employ 250-300 construction workers in the Vaasa area – both Lujatalo’s own employees, as well as suppliers.

Lujatalo chosen as the main contractor



Wärtsilä announces on 20 June 2019 that its partner in the leasing of the real estate and land area is SEB Leasing Oy. The Smart Technology Hub and the connected office building will be implemented together with them. The total investment value of the real estate is approximately 130 million euros. Wärtsilä signed a long-term leasing agreement with SEB Leasing regarding the facilities that will be built in Vaskiluoto. On the same occasion, SEB Leasing and the City of Vaasa, signed the ground lease agreements.

SEB Leasing becomes Wärtsilä’s partner in the leasing of the real estate and land area



The City Council of Vaasa approved on 6 May 2019 the area zoning plan as well as the changes in the land subdivision, and the zoning plan was proclaimed as legitimate on 14 June.

The zoning plan and construction permit are approved

Hub night


The Open Innovation Playbook provides processes and tools for collaboration in the Smart Partner Campus. The Playbook is a guide and toolbox for making the innovation journey easier.

The Smart Partner Campus starts to develop a Playbook together with the partners



A number of Wärtsilä’s employees start their journey as internal Smart Technology Hub Ambassadors to drive transformation within the company.

Smart Technology Hub Ambassadors start their journey

IMG_4330 (1)_2


The first phase in the Smart Partner Campus concept is designed together with Danfoss, Demos Helsinki Oy, NLC Ferry Ab Oy, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, Vaasan Sähkö Oy, and University of Vaasa. The selection focused on finding different kinds of partners and global companies, but in this first phase it was important to also involve local operators, since building a strong ecosystem is an important part of the entire Smart Technology Hub ideology.

The first partners for the Smart Partner Campus are announced

STOCK IMAGE, business people shaking hands



Since the announcement of building the Smart Technology Hub in Vaasa, the project planning has proceeded with a strict schedule and the planning phase of the Hub has been put out to tender. The first designers appointed for the Technology Hub planning phase are:

Architectural design: Sweco Architects Oy
Construction planning: A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy
HVAC-, electrical- and sprinkler planning: Granlund Pohjanmaa Oy
Acoustical planning: A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy
Fire safety design and consulting: KK-Palokonsultti Oy
BIM-coordination: Sweco PM Oy

The first designers are appointed

Havainnekuva_Smart Technology Hub


The Smart Partner Campus will focus on doing research and product development together with companies, start-ups and researchers within the industry, as well as with Wärtsilä’s partners, customers and suppliers. The Smart Partner Campus is now looking for its first cooperation partners in order to develop an operating model and a campus within the Smart Technology Hub. The idea is to build a new ecosystem and operating model in which cooperation brings new innovations to the market.

Watch a video about cooperation in the Smart Technology Hub.

The Smart Partner Campus opens up the application process for becoming a partner

Smart Partner Campus _ecosystem


An info session is arranged in Vaskiluoto on 11 September 2018 for both families living in the area and companies operating in the area. During the info session representatives from Wärtsilä and the City of Vaasa present the Smart Technology Hub to the audience. Similar info sessions will be held regularly to keep the inhabitants and companies informed about the Hub’s progression.

Wärtsilä arranges the first info session for the inhabitants in Vaskiluoto

Havainnekuva_Smart Technology Hub


Wärtsilä announces 21 August 2018 that it is building the Smart Technology Hub, a new centre of research, product development and production, in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa, Finland. All of Wärtsilä’s functions and personnel in central Vaasa will transfer to the new hub, along with the logistics and maintenance workshop operations from Runsor. As a part of the project, Wärtsilä will invest 83 million euros in modern testing and production technology for the hub. The total investment in the Smart Technology Hub will be in the region of 200 million euros, consisting of office and factory buildings, logistics and infrastructure.

Watch the introduction video.

Wärtsilä publishes the investment decision on construction of the Smart Technology Hub in Vaasa

Havainnekuva_Smart Technology Hub