Smart Partner Campus Community

The Community – Your home away from home

The Smart Partner Campus Community offers a fast connection to a shared network of expertise. To be part of the Community is to be a member of a network where innovation risks and data are shared, and where sharing insights is encouraged. This Community further offers insights especially to the energy & marine markets and offers the opportunity to be active in a network of pioneers that together shape our future.

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Co-creation support

The Community offers its members co-creation support and shared learnings from co-creation journeys that enables faster decisions. Furthermore, the community works in an agile way and supports their members in their ways of working. To assist, there is the Co-creation Playbook that works as an toolbox and guide for co-creation.


Co-creation facilities

The physical Smart Partner Campus in Vaasa offers facilities for both short and long term co-creation projects. The facilities available also enables prototyping and testing activities. Furthermore, the Smart Technology Hub is equipped with technology and expertise in additive manufacturing and not close from the Hub our partner NLC Ferry will have a floating laboratory enabling real time monitoring.

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Mindset and Values

A shared mindset and common values are the foundation of fruitful collaboration.  In order to form a trusted environment, the Smart Partner Campus Partners have together co-created a set of mindset and values that will form the foundation of the future collaboration. 



Principles and Agreements

The foundation of collaboration is built upon trust; an atmosphere of mutual beliefs and understanding for each other. The Smart Partner Campus is no exception. The relationship principles help build a culture in the Campus; a culture of collaborative innovation that help the partners know what is expected of them and what they in turn can expect from others when they step into the Campus world.


Looking for something else?

If you believe we could co-create win-win solutions together, we want to hear what you have in mind! We are always interested in opportunities where there is a clear win-win for all parties involved. Feel free to contact us and share your thoughts on how we can benefit each other.