Smart Partner Campus

A flexible innovation platform called Smart Partner Campus is being piloted as part of the Smart Technology Hub. The Smart Partner Campus is an open and inspiring collaboration environment for innovation that promotes new ways of working and thinking outside the box. The Smart Partner Campus focuses on doing research and product development together with companies, start-ups and researchers within the industry, as well as with Wärtsilä’s partners, customers and suppliers.

The purpose of the Smart Partner Campus is to bring people together and speed up ecosystem co-creation. No man is an island – together we can address challenges we wouldn’t be able to address alone. The world is facing increasingly complex challenges. We can solve these challenges through expanding our competences and working together.

Smart Partner Campus Partners

The launch of the first Smart Partner Campus partners took place in March 2019. The first partners are Vaasan Sähkö, Royal Caribbean Cruises, NLC Ferry, University of Vaasa, Demos Helsinki and Danfoss.

The first partners are together working on the Smart Partner Campus model of co-creation and the first common projects are under work.


Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge

The first Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge (STHEC) was held on 12-13 November 2019 at Wasa Innovation Center in Vaasa. The event is a two-day innovation challenge where students from universities and universities of applied sciences had a chance to prove their abilities in solving different real-life challenges provided by Wärtsilä and its partners: the City of Vaasa, Vaasan Sähkö, University of Vaasa and Danfoss.

The event gathered over 70 students from different universities in Finland and during the two days the students got to work in an ecosystem-like surrounding consisting of customers, service designers, facilitators and coaches. The event escalated in a Shark Tank where the students got to pitch their ideas to business leaders.



Co-creation Playbook

Sharing best practices and learning from each other enables us to reach results faster. In order to support open co-creation and collaboration, an Co-creation Playbook has developed. The Co-creation Playbook is our toolbox and guide for win-win co-creation and it is being piloted in the Smart Partner Campus.

In the Playbook, you can find mindset and values needed for co-creation, a journey for co-creation and multiple “one pagers” with methods to support the journey.